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New Character: Alexis White by PrototypeTheory New Character: Alexis White by PrototypeTheory
A custom adoptable I got from :icondessawolf: a long time ago. I actually drew this picture shortly after I got her. I just never uploaded it because I wanted to get her bio done. (Which I procrastinated on greatly) But I managed to get it done...and here it is...


"Eh...trends are overrated. I do what I want. Don't like it?

Tough luck for you."
-Alexis White

General Information:

Full Name: Alexis Samantha White
Also Known As: Alex, Lexy, Sam, or Sammy
True Age: 24
Mental Age: Mid to Late 20s
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Marital status: Single
Mate: None
Status: Active
Alignment: Neutral
Morals: Neutral Good
Threat Level: Moderate/High
Team Formation: Speed
Team(s): None
Group Affiliations: None
Date of Birth: June 20th
Zodiac: Gemini
IQ: 145
Birthplace: BlackRock City
Current Residence: Empire City
Occupation(s): College Student, Boxer, "Problem Solver"
Personal Quote: "When life backs you into a corner,

come out swingin'!"
Theme Song(s):
  Main Theme: Don't Play Nice (Faster Tempo) by Verbalicious

  Battle Theme: B. Orchid's Theme - Killer Instinct (2013)…


Species: Fox/Cat
Subspecies: Hybrid
Blood Type: AB
Nationality: American
Height: 110cm
weight: 44kg
Bodily Build: Athletic/curvy
Eye Color: Bright Orange
Fur Color: Cream Colored with Crimson Hair
Clothing Lime Green short tank top over a black baby T

-Shirt with slightly cut sleeves.Black sweat pants ripped into

shorts. Black collar. Black wrist band on right arm and black

arm brace on left arm, And Black and lime greens sneaker like

Jewelry: Bellybutton piercing
Scars/Marking: None

Summerized Bio Thus Far:

Alexis White was born into a middle class family. She wasn't

priveleged or pampered like the other girls at the Private

School that her parents worked so hard to get her into. In

fact she was more agressive than the other girls, prefering

sports and physical activity over makeup and gossip so

naturally she didn't have any friends but she didn't care. She

did have one problem though...guys. Occasionally they would

try flirting with her, but they wouldn't get far as their

attempts would usual get them laid out on the ground courtesy

of the boxing skills her mother had been teaching her since

she was a little girl. Once she graduated high school she went

straight to college with a full scholarship for not only her

good grades but her skills in the ring. When not training at

the local gym or studying, Alexis uses her spare time to help

people with problems. Or better yet...knock some sense into

people who think it's fun to give others hard time. She's

currently a 2nd year college student.


Attitude: Bit of a tomboyish/tough type demeanor on the

outside but can be quite gentle, sensitive, and caring to

those she holds close. Honorable, and Competitive
Life's Aspirations: Graduate College, find a nice job

or pursue a career in the boxing world, and start a family.
Favorite Foods: Anything Spicy
Religion: Believe in a higher power but refuses to

follow any religion
Likes: Boxing, Reading, Music, Riding her bike, Peace

and Quiet, Video Games, Ice Cream, Chao
Dislikes: Awkward moments, Rainy days, Losing, Heights,

Roller Coasters, Loud people or Areas, Bugs, Popular Trends
Fears: Heights, Bugs, Being Abandoned, Thunderstorms

Known Family:

Father: Rally White
Mothe: Nani White
Uncle(s): Unknown
Aunt(s): Unknown
Brother(s): Riley White
Sister(s): Misty White
Cousin(s): Unknown
Son(s): None
Daughter(s): None
Nephew(s): None
Niece(s): None
Grandchild(ren): None


Nani White - Former female boxing chanmpion and Alexis'

mother. She initially began teaching both Alexis and her

brother Riley how to box as a means for them to defend

themselves from the mean streets of the world, but as time

went, training her children has brought them closer together.

She is currently waiting for Misty to become old enough to

start training.

Noticable Partners:

Riley White - When things got a bit rough Alexis' big

brother is always there to lend a hand...or fist. He's help

her fight off gangs, jerks, and bullies for quite some time.


Karai and Kazuma Spencer - Two hedgehog siblings that

Alexis met in Neo City. They became friends after Alexis

jumped into one of their fights with a local gang of punks and

evened the odds.

Kyro Yagami - A grey fox who practices the art of

Ninjitsu. He shares a sibling like bond with Karai and Kazuma

and was with them the day they met Alexis.


Riley White - Even though they train together and

respect each other. Alexis continues to try to 1up her brother

in the ring.

Carmalita Moya - One of Alexis' classmates and the

"popular" girl in school. Alexis tries not to let her get to

her with all the mocking and jokes but one day....Alexis may

just make her regret targeting her.

parallel Forms:

None as of yet.

Potential Romantic Interests:

None as of yet.

Overall stats:

Speed: 6/10
Physical Strength: 5/10
Physical Defense: 7/10
Skill Projection: 3/10
  Offensive Powers: 5/10
  Defensive Powers: 4/10
  Restorative Abilities: 0/10
Evasiveness: 8/10
Endurance: 5/10
Weapon Skill: 0/10
Intelligence: 2/10
Recovery: 5/10
Overall Battle skill: 4/10

Physical Strengths:

Physical Conditioning - Due to all the training she's

recieved since childhood, Alexis keeps her body in top

condition. She maintains this by training everyday.

Defensive Capabilities - As a boxer, Alexis believes

"The offense is a good defense" because of this she trains to

be quick on her feet and is able to take a punch if one should


Mental Strengths:

"Flow like a River" Mindset - Alexis fights without

thinking. She lets her body move on instinct, making her very

hard to read.


Telepathic Abilities - Because of her "Flow like a

River" way of thinking, it's impossible for telepaths to read

her mind or try any pyschic attack directed at her mind.

Physical Weaknesses:

Long Ranged Attacks - Alexis is very well suited to

face off against opponents who specialize in long ranged

combat due to her boxing fighting style being striclty close

to mid range. Projectiles can definitely be used to keep her


Limited Attack Variety - Alexis fights in an

unorthadox, unreadable style to make up for the fact that the

art of boxing is limited to only punches. No other body parts

are used such as elbow, knees, or feet.

Mental Weaknesses:

Thunderstorms - From a very age, Alexis has always had

a fear of thunderstorms. The sound of thunder and flash of

lightning terrifies her.

Abandonment Issues - Due to an inccident when she was a

child, which led to her being separated from her family for a

few days, Alexis has a psychological fear of being abandoned

by the people she cares about. She tries not to acknowledge it

but the fear exists.


Hydrokinesis - Alexis posesses the ability manipulate

and use water in any way she sees fit. However she refuses to

use this power unless the situation absolutely calls for it.

She believes in doing things with her own natural abilities.

(She believes having powers is unnatural)

Basic Skills:

Close Combat - Pretty straightforward fighting. Second

nature for a boxer.

Quick Step - A speedy technique that can be used to

either dodge attacks of a moderate to quick speed or close

gaps betweem Alexis and her opponent.

Counter Strike - A defensive technique in which Alexis

goes into a brief focused stance and once attacked, counters

and delivers a single powerful punch.

Weapon Skills:





1. Alexis actually wouldn't mind a "Friends with

Benefits" type relationship.

2. Even though she acts tough, Alexis does have a

feminine side. Shown by her love of romance novels.

3. Despite being younger Alexis and her brother Riley

are actually twins.

4. The childhood trauma of seeing her grandfather

struck by lightning is the root of her thunderstorm phobia.

5. While Alexis' mother is a retired champion on the

female boxing circuit, Her father is a 2nd grade teacher.

6. Alexis hates dresses. But doesn't mind a skirt.

7. Boxing isn't Alexis' physical hobby. She likes Bike

Riding and Basketball too.

8. Alexis can be a bit childish at times. Examples are

buying toy collectables, watching cartoons and wearing PJs to


9. Alexis and her brother frequently have boxing

matches and so she has 15 wins and 15 losses against him.

10. Alexis never had any friends from her time in

Elementary School up to her second year of High School. She

got picked on for being a chubby tomboy.

Well that's about it to Alexis. If I add something else I'll update her bio.

All characters mentioned belong to me.

Bio Template created by :iconblood-of-severity:
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CaseyDecker Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
This character looks really nice and appealing, and I like her outfit as well. :meow:
PrototypeTheory Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks. But the credit for the design goes to :icondessawolf: You should definitely check out her work. It's awesome.
CaseyDecker Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
You're very welcome, and please feel free to check out my gallery as well. :wave:
PrototypeTheory Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Will do
Tonythunder Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013
Pretty awesome new character here dude,I also love her many personality and strength traits,her moves,her backstory and the little trivia quips about her too :)
PrototypeTheory Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you. It took me months to come up with everything
Tonythunder Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013
no prob
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