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Keita Izanagi
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Hello there. I'm not someone new to DA. I've decided to start again for reasons I will not go into. So don't waste your breath asking. For those who do know who I am, I don't really need to say anything. But for anyone new who is reading this, let me just say this and make it as clear as possible. I am a very nice person. I like to draw, chat, make friends, rp, the whole 9 yards I suppose. However, because of those reasons I mentioned earlier, I have a difficult time trusting people. If you wanna be my friend....EARN IT! And if we do become friends, do not cross me. I will not hesitate to kill a friendship and cut someone out of my life. I'm a nice guy, probably one of the nicest, but I can also be a real asshole when pushed. So to sum things up, don't fuck with me and we'll get along just fine.

Thank you for reading this message. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. I read all comments regardless of weither or not I reply to it. Again, thank you and welcome to my DA.
First of all I hope hope everyone is have a good day and enjoying their summer.

Now when I came back to DA I told myself I was only going to run a one month trial to see if things were different. Well I decide to give it some extra time and as it turns out things are very different. In just 3 months, a lot of my friends have left. They either deactivated their or abandoned them without a word. One friend, I fear may have taken her own life. I honestly hope thats not the case.

Those who did stay...things just aren't the same anymore. They don't talk to me as much and when they do they don't really seem interested in talking. Even when I start the conversation. Most of the time I just get ignore. I can understand if you don't want to talk or you're busy. That's why the comment is the there. Reply when you're free or when you want to talk. But you just flat out ignore it and continue posting art, journals, and replying to other people...that hurts. Especially when people put on their profiles, "message if you want to talk" or something along those lines.

Another thing that has been weighing heavily on me that I've begun to realize that when people say "friends will always be there for you when you need them" yeah that all a big load of crap. And as much as I wanted to prove that statement wrong, I only confirmed it. When I sat and thought on this  last night I only realized that more and more. Yes I know I can be difficult to work with. I know I can be really stubborn. And thats why a lot of people stopped talking to My low self esteem and moodiness drove people away. Now they have better friends and I'm not worth the time.

I haven't exactly been in the best of moods as of late. I recently had to give up my two kittens because I couldn't afford to keep them. People have been bothering the hell out of me and I continue to hold my tongue and walk away. My sense of self worth has been on a decline. I've been struggling to contain my jealousy. Its become a real struggle to get up in the morning. But I do. I think about the advice people have given me and I make an effort to wear my pokerface each and every day.

Back onto the topic of DA I've noticed this trend thats going around...people givng up on Sonic art and Sonic altogether. Now I understand 100% that you might want to branch out and explore different fanbases and art styles. That's reasonable and I get that. But to say stuff like "I can't take the fanbase so I don't want to be a part of it....but I still like Sonic" is just...perplexing. I'm a sonic fan. I have been for years. And I know the fanbase has its weird side. Every fanbase does. But who the hell cares. Letting the fanbase ruin your love of a franchise only serves to that you're as weakminded as what you make the fanbase out to be. Again I'm a Sonic fan and quite frankly I don't care about how weird or stupid the fanbase is. Just stay away from those particular fans if they don't suit your fancy. (Can't believe I just used that phrase) If you get bored of Sonic art and want to draw something else them more power to ya. But this blaming the fanbase thing is just plain stupid. When I look at people's amazing art and awesome characters, that inspires me to pick up a pencil. But know that inspiration has stopped for something that stupid....its just painful. But hey, to each their own right.

While on the subject of art something else has been bothering me...Why did all of a sudden people started  believing that charging 300 points for a sketch commission is reasonable? Its a sketch...and most of the time something people breeze through in 10 or 15 minutes. I'm sure 300 points is worth a little more than a sketch. Probably more than a lineart or flat color. As of now I don't have any access to a computer so all I've been able to do is sketches. But I can tell you right now that I put a lot of time and effort into each drawing to ensure that it is well detailed and has somewhat clean linework....and I only charge 20 points a sketch. Hours of work for 20 points. Why? I want to be fair so that people who can't a 300 point sketch can still commission someone....when I'm doing commissions. Most of the time I'm doing free art and giving it to people personally without posting it. I don't mind doing this for people but I'm done. Why? I don't mind doing art for people but do they do the same? Not likely. It pisses me off how people can say "I don't do requests" and yet they ask for them or comment on a joural about requests. Its baffling. Another reason I probably won't  be doing requests anymore is because I hate when someone says they'll do my request and never do it. Even when I remind them. Which is like once or twice every couple of weeks. Hell I've been waiting for certain commissions for almost a year now. Some people took my points and vanished. I hate  being used and I hate being lied to. Which is why I tell people who ask for a request, I'll see what I can do. I don't give a direct confirmation that I will do what you want. And with order to avoid anyone being ripped off, I tell people to pay only when I have messaged you confirming that the drawing is done. I want art done of my characters just as much as anyone else. And I'm willing to do commissions to get points, even if I can only do sketches. But if you're charging ridiculous amouts of valueless points for a sketch you put little to no effort into then I'd rather draw my characters myself. I know this might come off as sounding ungrateful but I'm being honest.

So with everything thats been on my mind I feel like DA is I won't be leaving DA for tbe sake of the friends I still have here....I just won't be posting anymore art. With few exceptions. Its funny...I wasn't gonna do this journal because my mom and few people said I do stuff like only for attention. Well I don't care anymore. Call it whatever you want.

Have a good day everyone.

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I'd really like to commission some art of my characters and maybe an icon too but I really need the points. So with that said I will be doing some commissions of my own.

Art Status

Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDukePoint Commissions - Open by SweetDukeTrades - Ask Me by SweetDuke
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So far here's what I can do. (Examples coming soon)

Traditional Sketch - 20 :points:
Birthday Gift: B.A.N.G by PrototypeTheoryPC: Gizmo the Hedgehog by PrototypeTheory
Digital Line Art - 30 :points:
Example:A Long Day by PrototypeTheory
Flat Color - 40 :points:
CE: Nido the Wolf by PrototypeTheoryRequest: Rush by PrototypeTheory
SA Style - 60 :points:
Gift: Cramina by PrototypeTheory
Chibi - Price Varies
Traditional: 25 :points:
No Example Yet
Flat Color: 35 :points:
No Example Yet
SA style (sorta) 45 :points:
Example:Gift: Malina Chibi by PrototypeTheory
Soft Shaded 60 :points:
Example:AT: Efil Chibi by PrototypeTheory

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