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Has anyone ever heard of a Sega Genesis game called Fatal Labyrinth?
Psypher the Keyblade Wielder by PrototypeTheory
Psypher the Keyblade Wielder
Another more updated version of my sona Psypher Graves. With the addition of....yep a keyblade. Why a keyblade? Because I am a huge Kingdom Hearts fan. And I've been listening to Dance to the Death (…) a lot lately so I figured why not. Psypher already looks like a character that would appear if Kingdoms Hearts had a Sonic world to travel to. All in all I like how the keyblade turned out. It needs some tweaks in a couple of areas and I noticed that when I finished. But its sorta okay? Right?

Oh and if anyone has any suggestions for a name for my keyblade, I'd love to hear them. Thanks.
Hahahahahahaaaaa!!!! You know what I tend to find to be oh so very funny? I haven't exactly been feeling like myself as of late. And by that I mean I'm slowly losing my passion for drawing...When I started drawing seriously as a hobby at 9 years old I did it not only because of the living conditions I was in, but because I found a way to express myself through my drawings. And over the years I can honestly say I've improved a great deal without anyone to teach me anything. And just a bit over 6 and a half years ago I began posting my art online. Believe it or not but at that time I was actually enjoying just thought of people taking a look at my stupid little drawing from all over the world. To me, that was an accomplishment. Things got significantly better soon after. I started making friends online. I met people who actually got an antisocial kid to open up and to be honest, it felt nice. However that was where things started heading down. Those friends who said they would be there for me started to slowly drift away and a promise made became a painful memory. It was a painful blow but I kept standing. I tried to find out what went wrong and why did everyone leave. Eventually I began blame myself. And this set me down a dark path. Now I've tried making friends again. I really have. But its not as simple the second time around. Especially when you feel as though you can't trust anyone anymore. So what does any of this have to do with me losing my passion for drawing? I said I tried making friends again...I even stayed on those art sites despite the memories. However now it seems as though people (not everyone and I'm not naming names) only want to use me to get art out of me. Some even go so far as pretend to be my friend solely for that purpose. Don't get me wrong I've met some really cool people don't ask for a thing and some I don't mind drawing a nice gift for at some point. And then there are some people who I do a bit of history with yet they believe they're entitled to art when they want. The whole situation to me is just making drawing seem like more of a chore and less of a hobby and I'm honestly growing sick of it. Drawing has already etched a dark mark into my heart and has brought me both happiness and pain. But I'm starting to think I'm going to hang it up and stop. Maybe I'm the at fault. Maybe I'm the cause of my problems. Maybe in time things will clear up.
If anyone has Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed for PS3 and you want race against me. I'm in a matchmaking lobby right now.


Psypher Graves
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United States
Hello there. I'm not someone new to DA. I've decided to start again for reasons I will not go into. So don't waste your breath asking. For those who do know who I am, I don't really need to say anything. But for anyone new who is reading this, let me just say this and make it as clear as possible. I am a very nice person. I like to draw, chat, make friends, rp, the whole 9 yards I suppose. However, because of those reasons I mentioned earlier, I have a difficult time trusting people. If you wanna be my friend....EARN IT! And if we do become friends, do not cross me. I will not hesitate to kill a friendship and cut someone out of my life. I'm a nice guy, probably one of the nicest, but I can also be a real asshole when pushed. So to sum things up, don't fuck with me and we'll get along just fine.

Thank you for reading this message. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. I read all comments regardless of weither or not I reply to it. Again, thank you and welcome to my DA.
Has anyone ever heard of a Sega Genesis game called Fatal Labyrinth?

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