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Don't wanna be around tomorrow. Might not come back for a while after today.
Go Ahead...Because why not? by PrototypeTheory
Go Ahead...Because why not?
Yeah...I saw a lot of people were doing this so I figured I might as well try it. That and I'm really doing anything so why not...right?

Not replying is not really gonna be too hard for me though.
I'm bored...So so so so seems like nobody wants to talk. You know for a "Social Media" site...DA as well as FA and Facebook haven't been all that social for me as of late. I mean, log in and see load of journal and pictures in my messages and pretty much nothing. Its been the same thing for almost a week now with the slight exception of about few replies from the only people (about guys know who you are.) who ever even bother to hold a conversation with. I mean really, come on people. (And to those people I'm sorry that I haven't replied. I will ASAP) And this is across each of the previously mentioned sites. No even bothers to say hello anymore. Am I really the only one who would really drop in on someone with a "hi" and at leasg try to kick up a conversation? But hey what does that matter right? I'm only one of peoples' hundreds, hell thousands of watchers. What kind priority does a simple conversation warrent huh? I even comment on peoples' shit (journals, and pictures people. commenting on shit is just gross. even for me) and still get ignored. Why ask for advice or ideas if you're gonna blow me off. And the old "Maybe they're busy" excuse only goes so far. If they were sooooooooo busy, they why not reply later...when you're uploading new pics, or a journal. That doesn't seem too hard now does it? Its not like there's a time limit on replies. But you know what? That just show how humans really are. Egotistical, narcissistic, sacks of organs that probably taste really anyways, I just don't understand why talking to people has become damn near impossible on the friggin internet. Its all boring the ever loving tater tots out of me. So much so that even drawing is becoming boring. I already don't post personal art anymore, just stuff I owe people but I'm just gonna say fuck it and stop posting altogether. I'll still draw...just no posty the pictur....ies? Fuck I don't know I'm making this up as I go. Well I guess that's it...if you manage to read all of that, thank you and congratulations...if not then don't look under your bed...I-I mean thats okay too. If anyone out there does actually wanna talk to me or rp or just talk randomly as I've been doing this whole time please send me a note....or not. I don't really give a fuck anymore
Gift/Request: Keziah the Skink by PrototypeTheory
Gift/Request: Keziah the Skink
Totally forgot to post this here.

A while ago my friend:iconsonomatic: asked if anyone was willing to draw his character and me, not having anything to do at the moment, decided to take up his request and even though he wanted to compensate me for it, I told him that it was on the house. Maybe now I can finally score some good karma points for once.

Anyway, about the drawing...I really enjoyed drawing this actually. His character has a lot of interesting details to work with from the outfit design to the body markings. I guess the only real problem I had was trying to get the pose right but I'm happy with how this turned out.

Keziah the Skink belongs to :iconsonomatic:
Art by me


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Psypher Graves
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hello there. I'm not someone new to DA. I've decided to start again for reasons I will not go into. So don't waste your breath asking. For those who do know who I am, I don't really need to say anything. But for anyone new who is reading this, let me just say this and make it as clear as possible. I am a very nice person. I like to draw, chat, make friends, rp, the whole 9 yards I suppose. However, because of those reasons I mentioned earlier, I have a difficult time trusting people. If you wanna be my friend....EARN IT! And if we do become friends, do not cross me. I will not hesitate to kill a friendship and cut someone out of my life. I'm a nice guy, probably one of the nicest, but I can also be a real asshole when pushed. So to sum things up, don't fuck with me and we'll get along just fine.

Thank you for reading this message. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. I read all comments regardless of weither or not I reply to it. Again, thank you and welcome to my DA.
Don't wanna be around tomorrow. Might not come back for a while after today.

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